Research & Development II

In a second research & development, a method and apparatus are invented for producing physical, chemical and/or biological non-local effect on a target substance through non-local processes mediated by quantum entanglement. In one broad embodiment, the apparatus includes a target substance, a first container holding said target substance; an originating substance, a second container holding said originating substance, said originating substance being quantum-entangled with said target substance; and a mean for manipulating said originating substance such that when said manipulation mean operates, said non-local effect is generated in said target substance through said non-local processes mediated by quantum entanglement. Also described are a number of implementations and methods of use of the apparatus, including a member of the manipulation mean being a Dewar filled with liquid nitrogen, a heater, a chemical substance, a laser or a magnetic coil connected to a driving device and the use being industrial, therapeutic, communicational or recreational.